Is OLAPLEX for you?

Olaplex at Simon Constantinou Hair Salon Cardiff

Ever wondered if Olaplex is for you? Look no further, this article totally breaks it down, explaining how different hair types can benefit from this magic Celebrity-endorsed hair treatment……/if-you-fall-into-one-of-these-cat…

The results in our Cardiff hair salon have been fantastic on so many hair types… For natural curls, OLAPLEX fixes the bonds which in turn revives your original curl shape & structure. We’ve seen great results on a variety of curls including Afro-Caribbean curls.

For straight hair, the sheen is immense, take a look through our photo gallery to see some great results.

For colour-damaged hair, the fixing of the bonds adds shine and allows you to easily run a comb through. Many of our customers now book in an Olaplex treatment immediately after colouring to ensure any damage is reversed.

For hair with breakage, Olaplex fixes those bonds to encourage strength and in turn hair growth. Whether you have hair breakage through chemical damage or have hormonal hair loss, regularly strengthening your hair with Olaplex, will encourage growth.

With continued use of Olaplex, your hair can be in the best condition it’s ever been!

We are proud to be an OLAPLEX salon!
Call 02920461191 for all enquiries.
O.Constantinou & Sons, 99 Crwys Rd, Cardiff. CF24 4NF

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